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Oil and Gas Lawyer : Laredo & South Texas

Representing land and mineral interest owners

Oil and Gas Lawyer Laredo

At Martinez, Franklin & Morales, PLLC, our highly experienced Oil & Gas Attorneys understand the importance of a reliable energy supply chain and the need for legal services to protect and fight for the rights of land and mineral interest owners in Laredo and South Texas. As with all of our practice areas, we are skilled and up to date in all Oil & Gas legal matters and precedents.

Aside from our expertise as Oil & Gas attorneys in Laredo, our firm also has professional wind and solar lease attorneys on board. Our industry experts and our comprehensive knowledge of the litany of state, federal, and local regulations, allow us to provide our clients with practical legal advice on solar and wind leases in Laredo, Texas, and across the United States.

Our renewable energy legal team has ample experience in conducting pre-transaction due diligence. We regularly advise clients when structuring and negotiating transactions, including acquisition, sale, lease, royalty audits, underpayment claims, and complicated oil and gas contracts.

Services include:

  • Oil and Gas Leases
  • Wind/Solar Leases
  • Royalty Audits/Underpayment Claims
  • Production Sharing & Pooling
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Lease Termination
  • Drainage/Failure to Develop Claims